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Welcome to Celestial Dynamics.  I am Nancy the creator of the Orbital Calendar  TimeSpace Map.   

Nancy K Baumgarten

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Nancy Kimball Baumgarten Designs 
Time-Space Maps  z  Graphic Design, Land Design

2014 OCal WEBOrbital Calendar
Solar System 2015

Astronomy Science Poster
~ Your Year In Space! ~

       "I consider this map as important to understanding the reality of Time as Buckminster Fuller's 'Dymaxion Map' and
Tom Van Zant's 'Geosphere' are to
    viewing the real world without distortion."   

Mark Sutton,
Former Computer Visualization Coordinator for NASA’s TRMM and TERRA Satellite Missions

Astronomically-correct TimeSpace Tool        
with MILKY WAY Galaxy in background

Perfect for S.T.E.M Education
TEACH astronomy in a flash...   ....from Earth to Moon to Sun,  celestial math. 
Use Dry Erase markers to add your data, meteor showers, study cycles,

National Calendar Awards for:  *Most Original,  *Most Educational  *Best Graphic Design

   27" X 27" Large Glossy Photo Print POSTER w/Guidebook  ORDER          

  Also used by therapists, nurses and other trend analysis researchers to prepare for expected changes from the cyclic increase in cosmic radiations during the Full Moon and other celestial events.


2014 OCEarthMoonWebOrbital Calendar
 Earth-Moon 2015

Your Choice:

16" X 16" Glossy Photo Print WALL POSTER

12” X 12” Table Model
perfect to attach to a cork tile and use with push pins for hands-on activities

  For STEM EDUCATION: Astronomy & Math modules
for elementary, middle and high school programs.

from a Montessori Middle School Math teacher

For CYCLE OF THE SEASONS Family Traditions
For even the youngest members, move a “playing piece” for 52 weeks to watch the earth go through to their birthday

  Order one for each Student. 
12" X 12" Glossy Photo Print Art,
Ready to Mount on Foam Core  or Cork, to Use with push pins, stickys, or dry erase   


Elegant Framable Art for any boardroom, living room, classroom, and College Dorm STUDENTS

Please be Sure to Read the Guidebook to Understand the Science & Symbology
in the TimeSpace MAP! 
FREE with your Calendar Order :

GuideCoverNewsletterOrbital Calendar and Mayan Timekeeping Cycles

52 pages, original graphs and explanatory text
Newly updated with exciting additions

By Nancy K. Baumgarten, M.L.A.

 Easy to read astronomy, Native American moon names, how-to-read the Calendar poster, and the nature of the Mayan Tzolkin, Haab month glyphs, Wave of Time, and intro to Galactic alignment, and the shift and renewal of a new era.                                                     Web2013OCMayanSection1

Proportional Harmonics
of Mayan Timekeeping Cycles
based upon the 26,000-year Precession of Equinox
astronomical Cycles

Original Design by Nancy K. Baumgarten

1 Sheet, full color, (purple background)
(This is available in Black & White in the Guidebook - See Above)

 Highly original graph making the mathematical data on the alignment of the solar system to universe visually apparent in a 26,000 year world cycles, showing us coming into alignment with the Center of the Milky Way galaxy, in in a 36 year window surrounding the year 2012. buyButton2   


Suggested Poster Hangers from Our Affiliate:

Poster Hangers - Black    27” Black PlasticConsists of a top and a bottom piece. Simply slide the hangers on to your posters and you're done. You provide your choice of cord.

Poster Hangers - Black     24” Black Plastic as above.

Also Available:

Posterhanger from Jorgen Moller, Silver Aluminum and Black Anodized Aluminum. Various sizes available

Calendars are AVAILABLE  ALL YEAR !
- used in Stock Trading, Cycles research, Healing Clinics,
Subtle energy study groups and more.....

“What’s it good for? How do I use it,” You ask?
Ideas for sharing with your children:

Z JOURNAL your year through space, 
Z GROUND yourself in the cycles of the seasons
     Z TRACK your connection to Moon Phases!
Z Wonder-filled BIRTHDAY gift  & THEME PARTIES
Z CHART the Course of MOON, Mayan Days, Mayan astronomy
Z SEE Yourself as an integral part of the galaxy!

            More on CALENDRICS
How to view this time space map
  Intro to Orbital Calendar Guidebook
(also from Guidebook - activities)
Galactic Family Tree
 ( a sweet little graphic)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *            
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    Thursday, December 11, 2014

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